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Plan your arrival so that you show up at the Gate after opening. We cannot allow people who show up early to wait in town or on the sides of the highway. Hey Gate Volunteer, Thanks for considering volunteering with us. It'll be the hardest job you've ever loved. Please remember that even though you're helping out. At the Gate "Opening Day" starts in fifteen minutes; just fifteen minutes before all hell breaks loose. The trail of headlights stretches as far as the eye can see. The road shoulders need to be kept clear for emergency vehicles, and out of the respect for the local residents please do not park in town. Watch for signs and flaggers on the road; they are fellow Burning Man volunteers helping to make your arrival safer! History shows us that the line on Sunday at 3PM has peaked near 5 hours camp-to-highway. An ability burning man gate wear black with panache. Thanks, and welcome to the family! She is responsible for developing policies and procedures to ensure a safe environment in the lots for team big fashion designer names and participants alike. All shifts Gate, Perimeter and Exodus originate from the Black Hole located at 5: As much as we feel for your cause, you will not be allowed to sit at the Gate without a ticket. We place signs along your approach to the Gate. No one wanted to leave on Sunday and MASSIVE numbers of people left on Monday which was why Exodus times were very long. We do not yet have the resources to handle participants medical, staffing, ice, etc. It is her long-term goal to make hot pink the un official Gate color. We will attempt to help you sort out your issue and tell you what your options are. Currently she works throughout the year on the administrative, financial, organizational and strategic planning tasks of the department, which basically means she spends a lot of time trying to make sense out of chaos. The faster you drive on Gate Road, the more dust your vehicle kicks up and the more your tires break up the hard packed playa and turn it into fine powder and create deep ruts in the road. She has a life-time goal of convincing Larry to use 'Mexico, Mexico' as a theme for Burning Man. Deliveries require the same credentials as participants; if you are part of a group receiving deliveries, speak to your Burning Man contact in advance. She'll namaste you so hard you will fart rainbows all the way back to your camp questioning the real meaning of life and how the fuck you ended up in this sweaty, dusty, desolate desert full of sparkle ponies and naked dudes.

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Burning Man - the Greeters BRC NewsSurvive and Thrive. Rumor has it that he splits his on-playa time with another department, but Gate always calls him back to its festering bosom. I keep hearing about a speed limit of 10 mph on Gate Road. July 22, at 4: If there is a major storm predicted for the weekend as was the case inthen a bunch of people will probably bad steben casino on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. When the Gate opens, we give will give priority to those who show up on time. Respect your fellow Burners and local residents. In the real world, he is a stand-up comic, a boner-fied celebritay and is hella funny. Knowing that your vehicle will be searched and that there may be heavy traffic, plan ahead to make the process as smooth as possible. This will be Wee Heavy's fifth year volunteering with the org after a brief stint with census and a longer span in khaki they are glad to be home with us in the black. The pre-event period is when we are building the city, which means there are construction sites and heavy machinery that can be dangerous.